Renault Koleos

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The art of drawing attention

Renault Koleos embodies new aspirations. Charismatic, with a sense of detail and personality enhanced by its sleek appearance and athletic curves. The chrome inserts that start at the headlamps underline the vehicle’s dynamism and strength of character in an elegant and singular fashion. The striking forms of the full LED lighting signature attract attention and make an impression.

Rise to every challenge

Behind its chic urban styling, Koleos has the DNA of a true 4X4.
Experience every day as a new adventure and go off the beaten track with ALL MODE 4×4-i technology. Simply flip the switch located next to the steering wheel to change from 2WD to LOCK
mode and benefit from permanent full transmission to help deal with obstacles. Push the boundaries!

Freedom of movement

You approach and it reacts, switching on daytime running lights, unlocking doors, and extending door mirrors. Do you need to load luggage? Organise modular space to your requirements in a single movement with the Easy Break system. The rear seats fold down to create a flat floor space. The low loading sill makes it easier to place your more cumbersome items inside.

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Assert your demands

New Renault Koleos broadens your outlook. A previously unseen alliance of power and refinement, its assertive design pushes the boundaries of what is expected and expresses itself with innovative style. Its confident stature inspires respect.
An SUV with large shoulders and muscular side panels, its robust front end, broad tyres and large wheelbase give it the look of a partner that can rise to any challenge. Renault Koleos takes you further, whatever route or adventure you want to pursue.