Seaman's Renault Service Specials

Kwid Service Special

Give your Kwid the attention it deserves with our tailored Kwid Service Special. Our expert technicians will provide top-notch care that not only includes replacing the oil, oil filter, sump washer and consumables, but also do a comprehensive maintenance check to ensure your Kwid is in prime condition.

Kwid Service Special

Triber Service Special

Treat your Triber to the dedicated service it deserves. Our professional technicians deliver exceptional attention, which encompasses changing the oil, oil filter, sump washer, and all necessary consumables, along with performing a maintenance inspection to ensure your Triber operates flawlessly.

Maintenance Service

Our all-encompassing Lube Service and Maintenance Check Service Special ensures the optimal performance of your vehicle. We take care of the essential details, from replacing the oil, oil filter, and sump washer to a meticulous maintenance check to ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

Engine Clean Special

Our experienced team will meticulously clean your engine’s components using advanced cleaning techniques. This service is designed to restore your Renault’s engine efficiency, improve fuel consumption, and enhance overall performance. Trust us to give your engine the deep clean it needs for smoother, more reliable drives.

Air Conditioner Service Special

Ensure your journey is always a breath of fresh air with our Airconditioner Service Special. Our specialized technicians will thoroughly inspect and service your Renault’s air conditioning system, so you can enjoy a comfortable and refreshing driving environment, no matter the weather outside.

R500 Off Service, Repair or Check-up

Set off on your next adventure  with your Renault  in peak condition. Take advantage of our exclusive offer and save R500 on any maintenance or repair service. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and use only authentic Renault parts to guarantee your car’s optimal performance. Visit us today for a comprehensive check and maintain your Renault’s reliability for the journeys ahead. 

R500 Off Genuine Break Pads

Your safety is our top priority, which is why we’re offering this fantastic deal.  Our certified Renault technicians are here to provide expert advice and ensure your Renault receives only the best care.  we use only genuine parts to keep your vehicle running at its best.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Renault’s performance and safety. Experience the difference of  Renault Care Service.

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