Life is busier than ever and one of the last things car owners want to think about is the maintenance of their vehicles. More especially the lights on their car. These are often the last thing we pay attention to because we are too busy driving the car, not outside inspecting if they work or not. With that being said, Seamans Renault are on a mission to contribute to the road safety within Port Elizabeth with their brand new “No More Lights out” initiative.

Why you should pay attention to your car lighting

Left to run for extended periods unattended, headlights, tail lights and indicators can burn out without you being aware at all. This poses a huge danger to other road users every minute you spend driving on the roads.

It’s not just you as the driver or passengers in your car that is in danger but every other road user including cyclists and pedestrians

The “No More Lights Out” Campaign

Seamans Renault, has embarked on an awareness program on the importance of monitoring and maintaining your vehicle lights. “We want to do our bit to contribute to road safety in Port Elizabeth. We are pro-lights on, unlike some government organisations” said Craig Seaman, dealer principle of Seaman’s Renault Port Elizabeth.

“Renault’s slogan is “passion for life”, that’s exactly what we want to see achieved with this initiative, we want safety on the road to be a higher priority.”

The “No More Lights Out” campaign is one that Seamans Motor Group Port Elizabeth is pleased to embark on because we believe it is a step in the right direction in road safety and ensuring a high level of road compliance through accountability to other road users.

Seaman’s Renault Contributes to road safety

Seamans Renault has challenged the people of Port Elizabeth, in a drive to make road safety a priority, to report any Renault Vehicle with missing head lights, tail lights, brake lights or indicators to us.

Call in to the dealership with the registration number of the vehicle in question and we will not only contact the owner and let them know about the missing lights, we’ll contribute up 50% of the cost of the replacement of the lights.

If you would like to report the vehicle anonymously, fill in the form below and will contact the owner once received.


Let’s make road safety a priority and help one another by becoming accountable. We’re making this really easy and we want to do our part to keep our customers and fellow road users safer on the roads in Port Elizabeth.

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